About Us

A Note From Our CEO...

A lot of people ask me why we bothered to build TeamWave.

A good friend of mine quipped: "Another project management app? Yet another CRM app? Seriously, aren't there like 100 apps in the market already. The SaaS industry is saturated, almost everything that can be built has been built. It is almost impossible to build disruptive products. Who will even notice you in the clutter?"

Fair point. There are many SaaS vendors specialized in Project Management or CRM or HR or Invoicing. In the past, we’ve used many productivity apps to manage our digital agency.

Some of the apps were really good ... for a while.

The problem is, if you use all these different apps for a long time (like we did), you will find that the value you get diminishes significantly over a period of time. At some point, your productivity just hits the wall. It can get frustrating!


  • Different tools built by different companies don't work well with each other. There is inconsistency in data, design & user experience.
  • As your company (and data) grow, information is divided between different tools. Contacts in one place, invoices in another, project milestones somewhere else...
  • Departments (sales, marketing, engineering, etc) in your company are never on the same page
  • Total cost of ownership is high because you pay for each tool, integration and sometimes training too!

It was clear to me a long time ago: popular productivity apps are failing small businesses. We don't need "different" tools. We need something more efficient & simple to use; preferably a complete platform that has everything (well, almost!)

That's why we built TeamWave - an integrated suite of business apps. One platform for your team to collaborate. One platform to sell, deliver and support customers.

We built it with a minimal feature set that anyone can use, and we left out everything else. No clutter. No complexity. No extra features to confuse and overwhelm you.

TeamWave is the product that I wish existed, back when I was looking for the perfect small business productivity solution. I'm proud that our 2,000+ beta customers agree!

I hope you'll give TeamWave a try. I'm confident that you'll love it. Email me at support@teamwave.com to let me know what you think.

Shuhaib Shariff
CEO, TeamWave